Timberland x Bee Line

One Block Down teams up with @redlongo to present the latest collaboration between Timberland and Bee Line, now at their ninth collaborative project.

The capsule collection celebrates the past and takes ownership of the future with the iconic rubber toe boot reappearing in classic monochromatic colourways.

To present this new collaboration, @redlongo created some unique content, pushing the idea that you can change reality and hopefully inspire others through Art. 

Red illustrated a dichotomy to highlight the way of thinking that many of us unawarely apply. Some call it black and white thinking: it happens whenever you only can be either completely right or completely wrong, when people are either friends or enemies, when anything that is not a success is a failure, and when anything that is not virtuous is vicious. When it's now or never. When it's do or die.

Red, graffiti writer based in Milan with Ethiopian roots, has always been immersed in a colorful world that, often, others do not understand.

So here he is illustrating how he can find an escape from reality by running around chasing a bee and bumping into a box of Timberlands. By wearing the Timberland boots, he finally manages to make one of his biggest dreams come true: influence anyone he meets along the way with his vision.

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