The Fairer Picture

With global ecology in a state of permanent imbalance, the contemporary fashion market has become the very antithesis of sustainability. While the supply chain continues to present a heavy bill to our planet from the earliest stage of any product’s lifeline, what happens afterwards has also become questionable, with failure to address the circularity of goods leading to long-term decay.

This is however not a cry against consumerism, but rather a call and commitment to being better. One Block Down is aware of its responsibility in the face of such environmental crisis and is committed to reinstating its channels to driving knowledge through existing communities, all while setting a standard for everyone looking to make a difference. And even though we accept and admit that we are not a sustainable company, wepromise to begin moving in a direction that uses awareness and responsibility to shape a fairer future: a future that addresses the foundational needs of man and his environment.

One Block Down cares deeply about the constellations of communities that surround it and is devoted to helping them consume with thought and care. Not only does it want to underscore the benefits of needing less, but empower individuals far and wide to be the vehicles for spreading a more conscious message. By looking inwards and leveraging the tools, platforms and people at its disposal, One Block Down is steadfast in its mission to creating product bonds that withstand the great test of time, and manifest an integrity that trumps trends.

One Block Down is crafting a fairer, more responsible future.