One Block Down Presents "Spaghetti Stripes"
A Collaboration With Needles

One Block Down delves into the essence of subcultural movements, exploring their origins: the forces that birthed them, nurtured their growth, and facilitated their evolution. It is the enduring essence, persisting throughout the movement's journey, that becomes immortalized.

In its latest project, One Block Down has partnered with Needles, the renowned Japanese brand part of the Nepenthes group, established in 1988 by Keizo Shimizu. Since its launch, Needles has rapidly gained popularity, owing to its diverse blend of influences, from American military uniforms and sportswear to traditional Japanese attire. Shimizu envisioned a unique aesthetic by merging these disparate elements.

The brand's rise in popularity can also be attributed to the esteem it enjoys among celebrities and tastemakers worldwide, making the Nepenthes group an essential visit for subcultures and fashion aficionados on their Japanese jaunts. It is this endorsement by tastemakers and celebrities that has propelled Needles into a global phenomenon, broadening its influence and reaching new audiences and markets.

Track Jacket - Polysmooth x One Block Down


Track Pant - Polysmooth x One Block Down


Needles Mohair Cardigan x One Block Down


Laminated LS Tee


Crystal Stripes Crewneck


Butterfly LS Tee


Italic Beanie


Mohair Beanie


The collaboration features the iconic Needles tracksuit, the brand's most recognizable item and a testament to its unique style, in a special black and red colorway. The black track pants and jackets are adorned with red stripes, the signature butterfly motif, and a special One Block Down branded tag. Made from premium materials, the track pants and jackets offer a straight, regular fit. The collaboration also includes a black and yellow Mohair Cardigan, sporting a regular fit with two distinct patterns: a diamond checkered pattern on the front and a classic checkered pattern on the back.
This collaboration explores the connections between Japan and Italy, celebrating their mutual passions, such as culinary culture, while also drawing inspiration from American style, significantly shaped by Italian-American culture and its depiction in pivotal pop culture works, from films like "Goodfellas" and "The Godfather" to TV series such as "The Sopranos."

To showcase the collaboration, One Block Down launched a special multimedia campaign titled “Spaghetti Stripes”, drawing inspiration from Italian-American cinematic classics that significantly influenced the collaboration's conception and design. The campaign video pays homage to iconic scenes from "Goodfellas" and "The Sopranos," two quintessential cultural landmarks of the last century.

The collaboration is available now online and in-store at One Block Down's locations in Milan, Rome, and Paris.

Credits London Shoot:

C/D: Neesy

Styling: Neesy

Photographer: @mutttley_

Assistant: Amjed Amin

Models: @amnalv / @anyakorostelev / @fdfromthefuture / @iy.ism / @jwestldn / @mojosteven

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