Six Questions With IBN Jasper

Discover our exclusive interview for the release of the Converse Pro Leather x IBN Jasper

Barber, skater, designer and stylist. Ibn Jasper is the all-round artist, with his partnership with Converse he gave new life to a classic silhouette like the Pro Leather.
We asked him some questions to find out more about him and his new collaboration.

1. One Block Down are also working on a collaboration with Converse this year. What was the design process like for you, from concept to production?

The design process was easy. The Converse design team and I were both thinking about the Pro Leathers from day one. We were on the same page.

2. How would you describe the final product?

The final product is unique because we changed the structure of the shoe by adding the toe box, mesh vamp, mudguards, and a heel panel. I was inspired by the Converse Pro Mesh for those details, and the design team sourced the exact mesh to replicate that look. Each detail of the sneaker tells a story.

3. What did you want to do when you were in your early 20s?

In my early 20s, I was trying to get into the rap game.

4. Name someone (dead, alive or fictitious) that you would love to see wearing Converse x IBN Jasper.

I would love to see Julius Erving wear the Converse x IBN Jasper Pro Leather.

5. We’ve been following the Recreation Center Project in Chicago very closely, and we’re always curious to see new ideas coming out of Chicago. How will this project place young local creatives on the map?

We are doing an in-store event at Notre in Chicago soon. I will be there with Matt Sleep, the Converse Footwear Design Director who worked on the project, to discuss the inspiration and process. It will give the people there a chance to see how it went down.

6. Have you ever been to Italy? What do you remember the most about it?

Yes, I’ve been to a few cities in Italy - always great food and wine.