Air Jordan

1 Mid "MLN" Brown


The Air Jordan 1 Mid Milan captures the timeless appeal of the OG and re-engineers it, Milanese-style. Embossed touches are inspired by Milan’s stonework and integrated leather, suede and canvas in bone white, beige and caramels evoke a close resemblance to the tones and design elements found throughout the city. A leather tag reading “MLN” hangs along the right side of the lateral panel. Milan is a city that’s famous for blending modern and iconic heritage styles, and the Air Jordan 1 Mid Milan is no different. The iconic Duomo, the baroque marble, the waves, the ripples—all of Milan’s unique and famous architectural heritage gets remixed and updated in this stand-out look that captures all that creative energy. The shoe will be sold exclusively in the Milan store on 19/02/2020, on 20/02/2020 it will also be sold online.
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