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We all want to make our outfits unique and we do it by looking for the accessory that best represents us, customizing our look, making it cool and always up to date. One Block Down, through its careful stylistic research, offers the best of street wear, characterized by a strong and unique identity, based on the hip hop and skateboarding culture. In our online catalog, you will find a selection of top brands with a wide range of accessories in each category. You will have the opportunity to buy even the most anticipated collaborations like the super cool Fenty x Puma. You will also find Arc'Teryx and iconic Vans bags in the backpack category. Check out some of the most exclusive eyewear brands like Retro Super Future and Le Specs, including iconic model "The Last Lolita." In the hats section you will find the iconic Kangol ones in different shapes and colors, together with the classic curved visor caps by skate brand Polar. Take a look at our latest arrivals or filter through the sidebar to get the best results and find the accessory that represents you better.
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